As an Android developer, I always wanted to see how people would react to my apps. There are several ways a user could give feedback - through an email, over social media networks like Twitter, etc. But Play store rating and review is always been a crucial part of any app. It will not only help us getting the user feedback but on the other hand, it helps users to decide which app to choose from a similar category based on the ratings.

That being said, how would you encourage your users to give feedback on your app? You either…

Google restricting the apps that access unnecessary SMS, Call Logs permission groups from the users.

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Google is considering the users privacy seriously. Starting from Android Marshmallow, it has segregated dangerous permissions and introduced Runtime permissions. With Android Pie, the apps which are idle can no longer access microphone, camera, and sensors. NOW, it has updated its Google Play Developer Policy which restricting SMS, CALL_LOG access only to default apps.

Wait, What?

That’s right. If you have an app in the play store, requesting SMS or CALL_LOG permissions and your app doesn’t really require these permissions, you should be removing it from the AndroidManifest file and should update the app in play store.

If you really need…

The power of open source.

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Okay… First things first. Why am I writing this blog post? Well, I thought of documenting/sharing important moments of my life in 2018. Hoping this would push me to improve myself in the coming year and on the other hand, it would motivate fellow developers who are just jumping into tech.

I wasn’t considered opensource seriously until 2018. Why? It’s not that I wasn’t aware. It’s just that I wasn’t making the most of my time. But in 2018, I tried to balance both my normal work and contributing to the community.

1. Articles

Even before I explored Medium, I was writing…

Here is a riddle to solve: I spend most of my time looking at Gradle scripts to run, but never loses hope. Who am I?

That’s right! I am an Android developer.

Android Gradle build times are really slow. Especially when you have a huge code base, less RAM and using Android studio to run the scripts😪. But fortunately, we have terminal. Running gradle scripts using terminal saves lots of time.

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There are lot of articles out there which lists the top tools for Android development. But here I’ll list only “Online tools”, each of which serves most of our purposes in software development life cycle. The provided list of tools is in no particular order.

Let’s dive in..


1. Figma — Turn Ideas Into Products Faster

One of the best design and prototyping tools which I have ever come across. As the tagline says, you can literally turn your ideas into the product in minutes. The Team can easily collaborate, design, prototype, present mocks with the help of this awesome tool.

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Have you anytime come across the situation where you published your app to playstore and recalling the bug that you left unfixed?

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